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8705 Unicorn Dr.    
Suite C-304    
Knoxville, TN 37923    
(865) 694-0101    



   Therapeutic Hypnosis, Knoxville’s first hypnosis clinic,
    has been serving East Tennessee since 1977.  If you’re
    reading this you are probably considering hypnosis as
    a means of restructuring and improving your life. 

    Therapeutic Hypnosis uses this ancient art within a
    modern and scientific framework, for the specific
    purpose of helping its clients develop will-power
    and self-control over contemporary problems.
    By using hypnosis/self-hypnosis you can learn to
    program your subconscious mind to work in
    cooperation with your conscious desires.

   “Hypnosis is as effective as you are sincere”.

                                Ron Felix